Saturday, December 31, 2011

The GMAN Death and Return


I bet you guys thought i was dead! (hint : i wasnt) , Ive just been kinda busy (hint : i wasnt) and havent had much time to dedicate to my research blog , but i felt kinda crappy if i let this earth year go without at least saying "Hello there mates! " . So let me just get the huge albino Elephant out of the room.

Hello there mates! , long time no see . I hope you all have had a great year and learned something worth your while . To be honest , i felt this year COULD have been better. I didnt really achieve everything i wanted , but then again , do we ever?.

Taking that into account , i wont be too hard in 2011. It was after all the best year of my life. How do i know this? , through science of course. Every year you survive is in fact the best year of your life. Its science honestly.thing i had planned for 2011 , but then again , do things ever come out as you plan them? (hint : they dont)

Memorable events of 2011 :

1) You did not DIE

If you are reading this , you obviously did not die or maybe you bought a REALLY premium internet connection down in heaven/hell/nirvana/spaghetti monster land, it has been said many times Carlos Slim is trying
to expand even more , or maybe you have the GoogleUndead app in your Zomboid .

2) The Death of Jobs

Steve Jobs , also known as the worlds worst dressed rich man , or the king of the hipsters , died in 2011. Im not reallyyyyy a fan of the man , but i can recognize he did do some pretty good things (and a million awful others , really Jobs? , thanks to you we now have yearly minimal upgrades for everything -_-) . I respect the man , may he RIP and hopefully when i eventually go into Apoptosis (estimated date 2503ARS) and reach heaven/hell/nirvana/spaghetti monster land , he wont have everyone crazy with iSoul or something like th
at .

3)The poor NBA players want more Money

Those poor rich NBA players finally stood up for themselves and rebelled against the mighty NBA empire. This fight did not involve Ewoks or General Chewbacca , but it was pretty big in its own right . I saw many basketball fans nearly weeping blood since most of them were giving up hope that those people would get
their shit together for ONCE! .

Meanwhile... in a Dark corner of the world , Lebron fans were still recovering from their glorious defeat =) (HAH!)

4) The Staged Death of Osama Bin Laden

I have to applaud the US Marines , they gave some pretty good , Oscar worthy performances earlier this years. Hell! , i think they are already nominated for the Globes , they still giving those away like candy , right?

5) Papa Hipolito Neuralizes an entir
e Country

Holy **** Man! , i was joking about it a few years ago but i did not think even for a second that it would actually happen . There must be some unknown toxin in the Plantain or something because i do not ****ing believe this . I mean it wasnt THATlong ago , i cant be the only one that remembers?! , right? . Thank God that im in Mars now and far away from all that Bullshit. Although Martian politics aint all that good to be honest -_-

Aaaaand , last but not least....

6)The Pitiful humans officially make me a Medical Doctor.

The man that inspired me to become what i am

Yup, i can hardly believe it myself! .... ive been experimenting on humans for quite a while now and NOW they want to call me a doctor?! , humans are a joke! , thats why i live with Martians now , if only they werent so smelly and furry ....

So thats just a short list of a few things ill keep in mind from 2011. Its been one hell of a year. Thank god its ending (sorry 2011 , gotta move on) , bring on 2012 and let the heads roll!

From GITR , we wish you Merry something and a happy new year , take care mates ! .

Sorry for the long absence -_-

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